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Have you ever said to yourself, “I just want to take decent photos!”
Or “I have an idea what I want my photos to look like, but I’m not getting it.”

Welcome to Photography Tips Corner!

I created Photography Tips Corner to provide simple and practical photography tips for beginners, novice, amateur photographers. Maybe you’re a parent like me, or picked photography as your new hobby, or you had a camera for a while and want to improve. If that’s you, welcome!

I want to help you take better photos so that you can capture life’s memories better.

Hi, I’m Peter Bang. I love my beautiful wife and four kids. I’m also a wedding & portrait photographer and you can find my work at www.peterbang.com and www.peterbangsblog.com


Simple, basic and practical photography tips. I’m going to start out giving basic information. As you improve and grow, I’m sure you’ll have more questions so I encourage you to send in your questions via facebook, twitter or email. Where ever you hang out.


Before we had children, my wife and I owned a Canon Powershot point & shoot camera. Even though it was a point & shoot camera, I often changed the settings manually and experimented. We were happy with it and even framed some photos we took on our trip to Italy.

One weekend while visiting my sister, I got to play around with her Nikon D70. I took few snaps of my niece and nephew and I said, “Whoa! I’m getting one of these when my daughter is born.”

In 2005, our daughter was born and we were still using our point & shoot. Then I came to a point where I just was not getting the type of photos I envisioned in my head. All I wanted was to take decent photos to cherish memories for our family.

So I invested in a Canon 20D with a 28-135mm IS lens. I thought that was going to solve my problem. I was wrong. “Why is the flash popping up when I don’t want it to?” “Why is the photo blurry?” “I don’t know what all these buttons and dials do. Maybe I should have bought a Nikon D70 instead.” All these thoughts ran through my head.

Then I came across flickr. You can search and view photos according to what camera bodies and lenses used and people create groups by specific gear. I couldn’t believe the quality of photos people were producing with the same equipment that I had, or even lesser equipment.

That’s when I realized it’s not the equipment, it’s me. I needed to learn how to use my camera and take better photos.

So I started by studying the Canon 20D manual, and began learning the basics and tried different settings. Soon I learned that I disliked the variable aperture on my 28-135mm IS lens, so I sold it and purchased a 50mm 1.8 instead.

I loved learning and improved with much practice. I also loved the fact that I was able to document my daughter growing up.

During this time, I saw a movement of young wedding photographers emerging and something clicked in me. My whole love of photography originated out of my desire to capture memories of my family. I wanted to do that for others.

I value good family memories and I appreciate family. Losing my father to cancer at age 12 led me to believe that God has control over our lives, not us. So, being grateful for what I have and valuing good memories and loved ones comes from that. That’s why I love photography. I love what it does. Whether it’s a beautiful sunset, landscape, or a moment, it helps me be grateful and appreciate what we have.

So here I am. Still being me. Husband, dad, son, younger brother, friend, wedding photographer…

In recent years many of my clients and friends have asked me for photography tips. I’ve conducted few private sessions, but mostly directed them to some online sites. There are many helpful sites out there, but I would also love to help you. So I created Photography Tips Corner. Basically a place where I would have liked to learn when I was first starting.

My goal is to make this site as helpful as possible, so don’t hesitate to ask questions and share your thoughts.


If your new to photography my get started page is good place to begin.

Thank you for your support, and cheers!


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  1. EMJ 10/31/2017 at 3:45 pm #

    Thank you for sharing these wonderful tips which otherwise would be overwhelming to those who want to improve without becoming overwhelmed!

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