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Taking sports photos in the bright sun : Redskins Training Camp

by I attended an NFL training camp for the first time recently, and it was a challenging and a fun experience photographing professional athletes for the first time. Photographing fast paced sports photography requires experience and advanced skills. Fear not! It just means combine the basic skills you’ve acquired, and practice. The Challenge! The speed! The overwhelming first impression […]

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4 Tips for Capturing Moments

by Tips on capturing moments 1. Observe Observing happens with or without your camera. What is going on around you? What is happening with your subject or subjects? Make it a practice to look around and notice things around you whether you have your camera with you or not. 2. Anticipate While observing, you might notice something you […]

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by When you take a picture in Auto mode or Semi-auto modes, your camera does a pretty good job in giving you a proper exposure. Have you ever wondered how the camera is able to give you a proper setting and exposure in the first place? What standard or scale is it using to do […]

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Exposure compensation

by WHAT IS EXPOSURE COMPENSATION? When you take a picture with your camera in Full Auto mode, the camera calculates a setting based on what it believes to be a proper exposure and takes a picture. When you use manual mode(M), you’re setting the exposure yourself, instead of relying on the camera. When you use […]

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Aperture and Depth of Field

Shooting in Aperture Priority Mode

by If you want to have more control over your camera and add more creativity to your photos, it might be time to move on from using “Auto” mode on your digital camera to Aperture Priority Mode. Aperture Priority Mode is represented by an “A” on your Nikon camera or “Av” on your Canon camera. […]

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