Inspiring National Geographic Photographers on Social Media

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national geographic photographers instagramNational Geographic photos are inspiring and opens our eyes to the world and the things that we don’t easily have access to.

I love that Nat Geo is active on social media and that their photographers are active as well. We get to see their amazing photos, read about the stories behind the photos, and often get a behind the scenes look at these photographers.

National Geographic – Instagram: @natgeo

Below is a list of inspiring National Geographic photographers whom I follow either on twitter or Instagram.

One of the first Nat Geo photographers I started following was David Guttenfelder. He was given special access to North Korea and began posting everyday-life photos of the closed country no one has ever seen, straight from his iPhone to Instagram.

Find out more in the video below as David shares his story.

David Guttenfelder – twitter: @dguttenfelder Instagram: @dguttenfelder

Jimmy Chin –  twitter: @jimkchin Instagram: @jimmy_chin 

Ami Vitale –  twitter: @Amivee Instagram: @amivitale

David Alan Harvey – twitter: @davidalanharvey Instagram:  @davidalanharvey

Cory Richards – twitter: @coryrichardsTNF Instagram: @coryrichards

Aaron Huey – Instagram: @argonautphoto

Steve McCurry – twitter: @McCurryStudios  Facebook

Matthieu Paley – Instagram: @paleyphoto

Keith Ladzinski – Instagram: @ladzinski

Michael Yamashita – Instagram: @yamashitaphoto

Paul Nicklen – Instagram: @paulnicklen

Tim Laman – Instagram: @timlaman

Ira Block – Instagram: @irablockphoto

Thomas Peschak – Instagram: @thomaspeschak

Chad Copeland – Instagram: @chadcopeland

Robbie Shone – twitter: @robbieshone Instagram: @shonephoto

Pete McBride – twitter: @photogpedro Instagram: @pedromcbride

Brian Skerry – Instagram: @brianskerry

Lynsey Addario – Instagram: @lynseyaddario

Ed Kashi – Instagram: @edkashi

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