Instant Savings on Canon Camera & lenses

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Welcome to March 2015!

Canon just announced some fantastic deals with some instant rebates on their camera and lenses. Many of which are gear I recommend for beginners on my Gear Guide.

If you’ve been contemplating or saving up to purchase a camera or a lens, this is a good opportunity.

There are numerous deals from entry level to high end, but I’ll highlight a few cameras and lenses¬†for beginners.

First up, Canon T5. Prices starting at $399 after $150 instant rebate.(Reg 549.00)


Canon T5 is an excellent entry level DSLR camera. If you’re wanting a upgrade from a previous T3i or if you’re never owned a DSLR camera, the T5 is more than enough for your photography needs and video needs if you’re into that too. There’s also later model Canon T5i with a $100 instant rebate, and the major difference between the T5i and a T5 is that T5i offers a flip out LCD touchscreen.

Adorama is a trusted retailer offering various bundle options for you. A kit lens is included and you’d need a SD memory card for sure to get you started.

If you’re more advanced and are looking for a higher end camera, here are you options:
70D Body only price: $999.00 after $200 Instant Rebate (Reg $1199.00)
7D Mark II $1699.00 after $100 Instant Rebate (Reg $1799.00)
6D Body only price: $1399.00 after $100 Price Drop and $300 Instant Rebate (New reg price $1699.00)
5D Mark III Body only price: $2499.00 after $300 Price Drop and $300 Instant Rebate (New reg price $2799.00)

Lastly, be sure to check out the savings on various lenses.
Some of my favorite lenses and the ones that I’d recommend are the 50mm f/1.8II, 50mm f/1.4, and the 85mm f/1.8.

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