Inspiring Nature & Wildlife Photographers to Follow on Social Media

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When I became serious about photography, one of the first things that I did was learn from good photographers and good photography.

I looked through photographs that I liked and studied them – the composition, the direction of light, if the information was available I looked at which camera and lens were used at what setting and so on.

Also, if I had a chance to attend a workshop , I did.

Over the years, I’ve learned that you become more comfortable as a photographer through applying what you learned, making mistakes, and persistently practicing the craft.

Once you become comfortable with the technical aspects of photography, you’re able to connect with the subject more, add some soul and take much more meaningful photos.

The focus in my photography thus far has been people, not nature or wildlife. As my love for being out in the nature, and observing nature grew, I began to explore and study nature photography recently.

One of the ways I’ve been learning has been following some nature & wildlife photographers on social media – twitter, instagram and facebook. I look at their inspiring photographs, their books, videos or podcast interviews to learn how photographers compose landscapes, what settings are used, what accessories are used etc..

ian plant nature photographerThe following is list of some nature, landscape and wildlife photographers that I like and have been following. You’ll notice their images are NOT over the top, over processed, fake looking or trendy.

I understand photography is subjective, however, in my opinion, good photographs are simple, classic, and timeless.

Inspiring Nature and Wildlife Photographers to Follow on Social Media

Richard Bernabe – twitter: @bernabephoto Instagram: @bernabephoto Facebook

Ian Plant – twitter: @ianplantphoto Check out his wonderful eBooks to learn from.

Olivier Du Tré – twitter: @odutrephoto Black and White Film 4×5 Large Format Photographer.

Ben Horne – twitter: @benhorne Youtube Another great film 4×5 Large Format Photographer.

Nate Zeman –  twitter: @natezemanphoto Instagram: @natezemanphoto

Bret Edge –  twitter: @bretedgephoto  Instagram: @bretedge

Sean Bagshaw –  twitter: @SeanBagshaw Instagram: @SeanBagshaw Facebook

Larry Marshall –  Instagram: @larrymarshallphotography I like how he shares gear, settings and photo tips on his instagram posts.

Art Wolfe – twitter: @artwolfe

Jay Goodrich –  twitter: @jaygoodrich

Michael Frye – twitter: @MFryePhoto

Patricia Davidson –  twitter: @pdavidsonphoto Instagram: @pdavidsonphoto

Tim Calver –  twitter: @Tim_Calver Instagram: @timcalver Underwater photographer

Obviously there are many more wonderful photographers but this is list of photographers that I happen to like and those who are active on social media. Hope these photographers inspire you to get out and shoot!

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