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Panning : Cars and Bikes

by This is Part 3 from our Photo Walk in DC. See Part 1, and Part 2. Panning is fun photo technique. It’s not the easiest thing to do as it takes patience, but it sure is rewarding when you nail a shot. I recently posted a behind scenes video of my first attempt at […]

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Exposure : Part 1

by Photography Exposure Basics I shared the importance of light in photography. Without light, there will be no photos. Exposure is the quantity of light reaching the camera sensor, as determined by the ISO, aperture and shutter speed. So, a photo is properly exposed when the ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture have to come into […]

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Shutter Speed

by Shutter Speed is the length of time the camera shutter is open. When you take a picture, you hear the “click-click” sound, right? That’s the sound of the shutter opening and closing. Sometimes the pause between each click is longer and sometimes faster, and that’s due to the shutter speed. Shutter Speed is measured […]

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Exposure : Part 2

by Now that you have a basic understanding of exposure, let’s dig deeper to get more creative. You can get a proper exposure at various apertures, shutter speed or ISO, but understanding these three elements gives you creative control over where to set each value and how your image will look. So, if you want […]

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Why are my photos blurry?

by Are you wondering why you’re getting blurry photos? When I say blurry, I mean motion blur…where the subject looks like a moving ghost and the photo isn’t sharp. The quick answer is that your shutter speed is too slow. Let me explain it more detail.. Go get your camera right now. Pull up an […]

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