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4 Tips for Capturing Moments

by Tips on capturing moments 1. Observe Observing happens with or without your camera. What is going on around you? What is happening with your subject or subjects? Make it a practice to look around and notice things around you whether you have your camera with you or not. 2. Anticipate While observing, you might notice something you […]

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Macro Photography : Close up photos

by Macro Photography If you’re not familiar with macro photography, it is close-up photography. Taking close-up photos of relatively small subjects. I’m a fan of close-up photos of nature. It’s fascinating to see small subjects close-up that you wouldn’t notice otherwise. It allows me to pause and appreciate the beauty in the tiniest creation. The other day […]

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by When you take a picture in Auto mode or Semi-auto modes, your camera does a pretty good job in giving you a proper exposure. Have you ever wondered how the camera is able to give you a proper setting and exposure in the first place? What standard or scale is it using to do […]

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Window Light Photography Tips

by Window light is one of the best light sources when taking pictures. It provides beautiful soft light. It’s free, and easily available. I use it all the time, whether I’m taking pictures of my kids, or at weddings. Like any light source, you can be creative, and even use the harsh direct sunlight shining […]

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